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Young people remain a group that we consistently fail to hear from whenever we engage with our residents.

Over the last two years we have been doing a lot of work to try and change that. In 2018 we consulted over 1200 young people through our Bigger Picture Survey, the results of which can be viewed here.

We are now working with our partners to develop actions that target some of the key issues young people have raised with us, like:

Things to do



See below for more on each.


Things to do

57% of young people surveyed told us that their life could be improved if they had more things to do.  We are working with our partners to find out about the activities available to young people across the district. We have started work on this and you can view the latest version of the guide below. This will be published in leaflet format in September 2019.

What's on guide for young people (August 2019)



Apprenticeships allow you to combine work with studying for qualifications to help further your career. You can continue your education up to degree level, receive paid for training, earn money and gain skills that employers want. They are for anyone aged 16 or over, including people who have been to university.

Apprenticeships offer many advantages over university including:

  • debt free – you earn while you learn so you can avoid being saddled with tens of thousands of pounds worth of debt
  • likely to lead to a career with your employer – you will already have experience of doing the job meaning you have an advantage over university leavers
  • a real alternative - they give you the opportunity to work for a real employer, earn a real salary and gain a real qualification

Apprenticeship Vacancies in Malvern Hills District



42% of young people surveyed told us they would be prepared to volunteer some time to be involved in local services, with 6% telling us they already do.

We asked what would be most likely to encourage our young people to get more involved and 'more opportunities appropriate to my age group' was one of the most popular responses.

To help our young people to find more opportunities open to their age group, we have been working with Malvern Hills Volunteering to develop a youth opportunities leaflet (June 2019).

Volunteering opportunities 2019