What do we do?

We deliver a range of services and provide information on the historic built environment.

  • We consider, in partnership with the Development Management team, applications for Listed Building Consent to ensure that their special interest is retained and not harmed.
  • We consider and advise on development proposals in conservation areas.
  • We designate new conservation areas, review existing conservation areas and prepare, consult upon and publish Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Strategies.
  • We provide informal advice to owners of listed buildings and to others on the appropriate philosophy, techniques and materials for the care and preservation of historic buildings, groups and settlements.
  • We analyse historic buildings and their settings and give informal advice to owners and/or their agents on whether proposed works would respect the character of listed buildings or the character and appearance of conservation areas.
  • We give design and conservation advice to the Development Management team in their consideration of applications for planning permission
  • We investigate cases, in partnership with the Enforcement team, where it appears that works have been carried out without necessary Listed Building Consent and take action or advise the council as appropriate.
  • We defined the council's position where an applicant appeals against a refusal of Listed Building Consent..
  • We represent the council on the Malvern Hills AONB Joint Advisory Committee.
  • Further online guidance can be found by clicking links within this page or listed to the side of this page.

Further help and advice

Please email the Conservation Team developmentcontrol@malvernhills.gov.uk