Tree Protection Plan

Trees are particularly vulnerable on development sites and may be affected either immediately if removal or pruning is necessary to accommodate a development, or in the longer term.

This may be as a result of disturbance during the development process or following pressure to remove or prune trees from the occupants of new buildings.

The design layout should take these issues into account.

Once it has been decided which trees, hedges or shrubbery are to be incorporated into a design layout it is important to ensure that they will survive the development process.

A Tree Protection Plan is an essential aspect of tree protection with regard to development.

The Tree Protection Plan is a scale plan showing:

  • Any proposed or existing buildings or structures
  • All retained trees both on and neighbouring the site and their corresponding Root Protection Areas and crown spreads (N, E, S and W)
  • The location of protective fences or barriers (details of how these are to be constructed must also be supplied)
  • Proposed location of all plant and materials storage
  • Drainage runs, roads and driveways
  • Existing and new accesses
  • Any other surface or underground features that may affect the trees on or neighbouring the site