South Worcestershire Development Plan

Unfortunately the SWDP website is unavailable due to technical issues, we are working on restoring the website as soon as possible - however may take some time. In the meantime, to download and view the adopted plan and access the Interactive Policies Map, please follow the links below:

The Adopted South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) - PDF, 26Mb
SWDP Interactive Policies Map

The South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) superseded the Wychavon District Local Plan (2006) when adopted on 25 February 2016 to become the primary consideration in the determination of planning applications and appeals in Wychavon District.

Wychavon, Malvern Hills and Worcester City Councils joined together to prepare a Development Plan with the aim of ensuring that future development within south Worcestershire is well planned and managed effectively, whilst having a positive impact on the environment.

The SWDP considers the long term vision and objectives for south Worcestershire up to the year 2030, as well as containing the policies for delivering these objectives in a planned and cohesive manner, through:

  • allocating larger ‘strategic' sites across south Worcestershire;
  • providing policies to ensure that any development is sustainable;
  • assessing all other potential development sites whether it is for housing, employment, retail, education, health, community use or indeed an open space use;
  • replacing existing Local Plans of these three partner councils;
  • superseding elements of the Worcestershire County Council's County Structure Plan.

For more information on the SWDP, including background evidence and consultations on emerging DPDs and SPDs, please see the SWDP website.

The South Worcestershire Development Plan includes a Policies Map which shows all the areas in the south Worcestershire districts where different policies apply - this can be viewed using the Interactive Policies Map.

For more information on the Enplanner Low Carbon Planning Toolkit which can be used by planning applicants to show that the requirements of SWDP27: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy will be met, please click here.


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