Information Required?

To ensure there are no un-necessary delays when a search is submitted, you or your Solicitor need to supply the following forms in duplicate:-

  • Correctly completed LLC1 and Con.29 forms.
  • Two copies of an OS plan, the boundary of the property to be searched outlined in red.
  • Two copies of any written enquiries.
  • Correct fee - cheques made payable to Wychavon District Council. Wychavon do not accept client cheques but payment can be taken by debit or credit card over the phone on 01386 565317 or 01386 5655485.  For administrative reasons incomplete or incorrect searches are returned the same day.


  • Local Land Charges Address
  • Description of property
  • Solicitors Address
  • Date and Solicitor reference
  • Signature and contact number


  • Box A - Local Land Charges Address
  • Box B - Address of property
  • Box C - Complete Box C defining a maximum of 3 other roads
  • Box D - Date signature reference contact details
  • Box E - Reply Address