How to Register a Death

Information on how to register a death can be found on Worcestershire County Council's website.

The registration offices in Worcestershire operate an appointment only service and can be contacted in the following ways:

Telephone: 01905 768181 
Monday - Friday
09.00hrs - 17.00hrs

Fax: 01905 765355

The Bereavement Register

This is a nationally recognised free service that may be taken to specifically remove the deceased's name from the databases and mailing registers.

It will help to reduce the number of potentially upsetting mail shots that can continue after the addressee's death.

The Bereavement Register
TN13 1XR

Tel: 01732 467940
24hr Tel: 0800 082 1230 - 24 hour automated service
Fax: 01732 460036

Help, Support and Guidance

If you are looking for help, support, advice or guidance planning a funeral, either for yourself or for someone close to you, the Natural Death Centre Charity is there for you.