Planning Application Process

This process flow shows the steps and time frames involved for a Planning Application when it has been received by Wychavon District Council.  Please note: if you have employed a planning agent you will receive no communication from us.  All correspondence, including decision notices, will be sent to your agent who should keep you updated on the application.  We will try to deal with your application as soon as possible.  

We publish a weekly list of applications received.


The Consultation Process

Shortly after your application has been received and checked, neighbours who adjoin, that share a boundary with, the application site will be consulted by letter.  In addition, for larger schemes; those within Conservation Areas and those affecting Listed Buildings a site notice will be displayed.  Interested parties are invited to view plans online.  There is a statutory consultation period for planning applications which is 21 days.


Making the Decision

When making a decision on a planning application the Council has to balance a number of often conflicting interests.  On occasions when somebody gains something, someone else may lose something, but the Council always tries to get the balance right.

Most applications can be decided at planning officer level.

Where applications are to be decided by the Planning Committee the planning officer prepares a written report which will explain the proposal; report any comments received; evaluate the issues raised; and recommend a decision.

The report and any correspondence referred to may be inspected during the seven days before the meeting, available online within the Agendas section.  Any written comments received after the publication of the agenda are presented to members at the Committee.

You may attend Development Control Committee meetings.  If you wish to speak at the meeting, this must be arranged in advance.  Please Contact Support Services for further information or email: Tel. No: 01386 565436 Fax: 01386 561091.

The Committee may not agree with the recommendation of a planning officer and reach a different decision.  In this instance conditions or reasons for refusal will need to be approved before a decision is issued and some delay will occur.  Alternatively, members may decide to defer any decision and visit the site.  You will be advised of the arrangements beforehand.

The Decision

You will receive a decision notice which tells you whether Planning Permission is approved or refused.  Most applications will be approved subject to conditions.  Notes on how to appeal any decision are included with the decision notice and further advice is available within the Appeals Section of this site, from Planning Portal or from The Planning Inspectorate.  Unless otherwise stated, development can begin at any time within 3 years of the approval, although you may need to agree some details set out in the planning conditions beforehand.  If you have not started work within this period you will have to re-apply.