How To Report A Breach Of Planning

You can either use the online form, phone, or write to us if you are concerned about a building or site.

You will need to give us as much detail as you can about the suspected breach including the following information (if known) as well as any photos you might have taken.

  • Your name, address and phone number.
  • The location and exact address of the building or site.
  • The landowner or occupier's name.
  • What the breach involves.
  • How the breach is affecting you and residents in the local area.
  • The date you first became aware of the breach.


How quickly are planning breaches investigated?

The Council sees enforcement action as a crucial component of the planning system. All reports of possible breaches of planning control are taken seriously and investigated as quickly as possible, whether they are made anonymously or not. Obviously more serious breaches must be investigated immediately, e.g. unauthorised work to listed buildings.


Are complaints kept confidential?

Yes. If you have reported a breach of planning control, details of our complaint will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Your name and address will not be repeated to the person or organisation involved in the possible breach.


What happens next?

Your complaint will be acknowledged by letter where you will be advised of the enforcement officer dealing with your complaint. The officer will act as your point of contact, and will ensure that you are advised of the ongoing progress and outcome of the case.

The case officer will decide whether a site visit is necessary based on office-based research (checking planning history, planning policy etc). Generally speaking, a site visit will be required, which will be undertaken by the enforcement officer dealing with the investigation. Enforcement officers have the right of entry onto all non-residential sites, although they must give 24 hours notice to an owner if they want to enter a residential property.