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  • Listed Buildings - A Guide for Owners and Occupiers
  • We offer pre-application advice to potential applicants on the likelihood of getting permission for alterations to or development affecting a listed building - Please click here for Guidance on Pre-application Advice
  • we normally get consulted on planning and listed building consent applications, in order for us to provide advice on the appropriateness of alterations to or development proposals affecting listed buildings
  • We can offer basic advice on repairs to listed buildings
  • Please complete the Pre-application form only if what you are proposing is to carry out internal works or repair works to the property that doesn't require separate planning permission.

We have over 2,500 listed buildings within Wychavon. These are buildings of special architectural or historic interest (or 'significance') that have been identified as being worthy of protection under special legislation, most often buildings that pre-date 1840. They represent the best examples of the Nation's architectural and historic heritage.

Buildings are listed by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (advised by English Heritage), and are classified into grades I, II* and II, based on their degree of significance. Proposals which may affect a Listed Building will be assessed in order to ensure that they preserve both the significance and setting of the historic building, and that they do not result in any damage or loss of fabric or of any features of special interest it may possess.

You can search My Local Area to find out if a building is listed.  Please bear in mind that not all listed buildings will be shown, for example, buildings which are listed by association (or 'curtilage listed') will not be shown. If in doubt, please telephone or email us for information about curtilage listed buildings.

Proposals affecting listed buildings will be determined against policies contained in the Adopted Wychavon District Local Plan, in particular, policies ENV13, ENV14 and ENV15.  Regard will also be had to national guidance contained in the NPPF.

The Heritage Team

  • advises on repairs, alterations and development proposals affecting listed buildings (such as extensions, new structures affecting the setting of a listed building, etc.).


For further information contact:

Elaine Artherton
Conservation Officer  

Ben Lawless
Conservation Officer


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