Latest News (August 2018): For anyone who has purchased a pack between May-August 2018, please make sure you have obtained your up to date map and clue sheet.  We have sadly had to move some of the letterboxes, due to them being stolen.   

What is it?

Malvern Hills Letterboxing is a family fun form of orienteering designed to encourage children and families to enjoy being outdoors together.  The letterboxes are simply boxes with a rubber stamp, Inkpad and guest book to sign.  There are 25 letterboxes hidden all over the Malvern Hills. 

How do we take part?

Visit Malvern Tourist Information Centre and purchase your clue sheet, notebook and badge which includes a free map for just £3. 

How do we find the letterboxes?

Using a map and compass you then select which stamps (letterboxes) you would like to go and find and start your exciting adventure.  Once you find a rubber stamp, you simply stamp it in your special Malvern Hills letterboxing notebook, write a message in the guest notebook, you then MUST return the stamp and its contents into the box and return it to the EXACT location, ready for the next letterboxer to find. 

Join the 25 Letterboxing Club

Once you have collected all 25 letterboxes you will need to return to Malvern Tourist Information office to collect your well earned ’25 club badge’. 

Find Out More

To find out more about letterboxing please email: getactive@malvernhills.gov.uk

Share Photos on Social Media

We would love to hear about children and families collecting their stamps, so please share your photos on our social media sites using #MHletterboxing. 

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Rubber Stamp Designs

Malvern Hills District Council held a competition earlier in the year for local children to design the rubber stamps choosing from the 25 themes. All rubber stamps have all been designed by local children from ages 5-13 years. 

Project Partners

The project has been created by Malvern Hills District Council in partnership with Malvern Hills Trust and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.