Local List of Heritage Assets 

Malvern Hills District has many listed buildings and structures, scheduled monuments, conservation areas, registered parks and gardens and even one registered battlefield which are ‘designated heritage assets' (‘designated heritage assets' is the term used to describe heritage that is identified and protected under legislation). 

There are still however many buildings, structures and historic designed landscapes which the community holds dear and which make a valuable contribution to a local sense of history, place and quality of life.  

Whilst these heritage assets can be a consideration in planning matters, inclusion of a non- designated heritage asset on a local list will give them a greater level of protection by helping to inform decisions on matters that affect them. The asset must have a significant heritage interest for its significance to be a material consideration in the planning process. 

The purpose of this Local List Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is to provide guidance on how the list will be compiled for Malvern Hills District, the criteria for inclusion of a heritage asset on the list and the effects of its inclusion.

Anyone can nominate an asset for inclusion using the nomination form.