• Hedgerow Regulations
  • High Hedges

The Heritage Team provides advice on and deals with all notifications to remove hedgerows. The Enforcement Team deals with High Hedges complaints, but the Heritage Team can provide advice on these issues.

Hedgerow Regulations

  • The Hedgerow Regulations 1997 allow us to protect important hedgerows, by controlling their removal through a system of notification – if you want to remove a hedgerow you should write in stating the reasons for removal with a plan showing the hedgerow in question. You should note that the regulations do not apply to hedgerows that are within or on a garden boundary.

Hedgerow Removal Notice Application

For further information contact:

Customer Service Advisor 01386 565565

Sally Griffiths,
Tree and Landscape Officer
Email: sally.griffiths@wychavon.gov.uk

Susanne Hiscock,
Landscape and Natural Heritage Officer
Email: susanne.hiscock@wychavon.gov.uk