Hazardous Substance Consents

Hazardous Substance Consent is required when substances on a site are at, or in excess of the "controlled quantity" as set out in the Planning (Hazardous Substances) Regulations 1992 as amended by the Planning (Control of Major-Accident Hazards) Regulations 1999.

What constitutes a Hazardous Substance and the procedures for application are set out within the same regulations.

Applications for a new consent

Hazardous Substances Application Form and Certificates (new consent)

Applications can be made using the above form.  You must include:

  • a site map - this must be to a scale of not less than 1:10,000, must be based on an Ordnance Survey map and must include National Grid lines and reference numbers;
  • a substance location plan - this must be to a scale of not less than 1:2500 and must identify the area of the site to be used for storage, the location of any major items of plant to be used for storage and access points to and from the land;
  • a certificate to confirm that notice of the application has been given in a local newspaper and posted on the land (Form 3);
  • a certificate of ownership (Form 5); and
  • four copies of the form, map and plan.  
  • the appropriate fee, £400 if the maximum quantity proposed to be present exceeds twice the controlled quantity ; or
  • £250 in other cases.

Other Applications

Applications for consent without complying with a condition of a previous consent or continuation of consent following a change of control are made using Form 2 in Schedule 2 of the Regulations. The fee in each case is £200.

Publication of applications

The Regulations state that:

  • a notice must be published in a local newspaper in the period of 21 days before the application is made - the form of the notice is set out in the Regulations as Form 3 in Schedule 2; and
  • a similar notice displayed on the land for at least seven days during the same 21 days.

The certificate to confirm this is set out in the Regulations as Form 4.

Certificate of Ownership

There are four certificates - A, B, C and D. These are set out as Form 5 in Schedule 2. Where Certificate B, C or D applies, the Notice to be served on the owner is set out as Form 6 in the Regulations.

Payment of Fees

Where applications relating to the same site are made to us and another authority, the fee is paid to the authority in whose area the largest part of the site is situated.

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