Garden Waste Collection Service - FAQs

Yes, provided you can place the wheeled bin just inside the front boundary of your property by the gate or drive way area nearest the road you can have the service. If you think your property may have access issues please make us aware of the issue when you join the service.
This service is specifically for garden waste; please do not put vegetable peelings in the wheeled bin. You can have a look at our deals on compost bins here.
We will notify you of your collection day as well as providing instructions on using your new service when we deliver your bin. It may not be the same day as your refuse collection. Your bin will need to be presented by 7am on your specified collection day. Your waste will be collected between 7am and 5pm.
Yes, provided you pay the annual charge for the collection service of each bin you can have as many brown 240 litre wheel bins as you like!
If you move within the Malvern Hills district you can move the service with you to your new address, don’t forget to let us know; 01684 862151 or email us at If you move out of the district please call us so we can collect the bin, as it is council property.
Yes, provided we can empty the bin from the same property each fortnight and payment is taken from that one property.