Search Fees as from 1 April 2017

LLC1 £23.00
Extra Parcel of land (LLC1) £2.00
Extra Written Question £25.20 [includes VAT]
STANDARD SEARCH FEE (LLC1 and CON29 enquiries)

£145.40 [Includes VAT on CON29]

Extra Parcel of land for Standard Search 

£17.60 [Includes VAT on CON29]



£122.40 [ Includes VAT]

Question 4 - £13.20 [Includes VAT]
Questions 5 to 20 - £3.00 each [Includes VAT]
Question 22 - £27.00 [Includes VAT]

  Note: No fee for question 21 as Wychavon District Council is unable to answer this question.
Extra Parcels of land on CON29 and CON290 £15.60 only [Includes VAT]

Detailed costs for access to CON29 enquiries

(This service will no longer be available as from 1 April 2014)

Copy of completed search

There is a £5.50 charge for a copy of any previously completed search

Do you accept Client Cheques?

No, Wychavon do not accept client cheques.
You can pay by direct debit by contacting the Local Land Charges department direct on 01386 565456,  01386 5317 or 01386 5485

NOTE: With regard to additional enquiries concerning Highway matters Wychavon are under instructions from Worcestershire County Council not to accept these. Any additional written enquiries which relate to highway matters, i.e. limits, should be addressed to Worcestershire County Council direct, please contact them direct for their fees.

Additional Enquiries relating to Environmental issues need to be directed to our Environmental Services Department.


Request for brine Search - £21.00 

Further Information

For more information about Local Land Charges contact:

Local Land Charges
Wychavon District Counci