Enplanner Low Carbon Planning Toolkit

The South Worcestershire Councils will use the online Enplanner Low Carbon Planning Toolkit developed by Encraft and the Carbon Trust to help assess submitted energy statements.

Enplanner is an online toolkit intended to provide assistance to  planning applicants looking to demonstrate that they can meet the requirements set out in policy SWDP27: Renewable and Low Carbon Energy. Enplanner allows the user to assess what renewable technologies are available and suitable in the area in order to meet the required generation of energy from renewable or low carbon sources.

Enplanner has been specifically commissioned to allow planning officers to effectively assess energy statements and so the South Worcestershire Councils encourage its use. Applicants are of course free to use alternative toolkits, albeit it may take officers longer to appraise energy statements which have not used Enplanner.

The Enplanner Low Carbon Planning Toolkit can be accessed at http://enplanner.com/

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on (01386) 565565 or alternatively email the team at policy.plans@wychavon.gov.uk.