Conservation Area Appraisals

The conservation section has embarked upon a programme of conservation area appraisals and management strategies including a review of the boundaries. 

Every local authority is obliged to undertake this work under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990.   

The purpose of the review and appraisal is to:

  • Identify and reassess the special qualities of the conservation area.
  • Look at the effectiveness of the boundaries and assess whether they should be altered, extended or reduced.
  • Engage and consult the local community and businesses during the process.
  • Prepare a strategy for its future management.  

Designated Conservation Area review and appraisals

Listed below are the appraisals which have now been formally adopted.

Comment on Current Reviews

Malvern Wells Conservation Area and Little Malvern Conservation Area review

As part of our statutory duties as a Local Planning Authority we are currently reviewing the Malvern Wells Conservation Area. The conservation area was originally designated in 1973. The boundary was reviewed and extended in 1995 to incorporate additional areas, including Little Malvern.

As part of the current review, it is proposed to separate the existing conservation area into two new areas: Malvern Wells and Little Malvern. The review is also considering whether the current boundary is still appropriate. To accompany this work, Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Strategy documents have been drafted to explain the special interest of both areas and to safeguard their future preservation and enhancement.

A period of public consultation ran from 22nd July and closed on 6th September and a public meeting was held at the Wyche Institute on 25th July. The comments received as part of the public consultation are currently being considered and may be viewed here.

Our recommendations will be reported to the Executive Committee on Tuesday, 19th November and the report and accompanying documents will be available to view on the website in the week preceding this meeting.

The initial draft documents for the proposed Malvern Wells Conservation Area and Little Malvern Conservation Area can still be viewed below:


Newland Conservation Area Review - Public Consultation
As part of our statutory duties as a Local Planning Authority we are currently reviewing the Newland Conservation Area. The conservation area was originally designated in 1997, and this review is considering whether the boundary as drawn then is still appropriate. To accompany this work, a Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan has been drafted to explain the special interest of the area and to safeguard its future preservation and enhancement.
Following a review of the Conservation Area and consideration by the Council's Executive Committee on 26 March 2019 the existing boundaries are thought to be appropriate and no alterations to the Newland Conservation Area Boundaries are proposed.
The public consultation period on the review will begin on Monday 3rd June and ends 26th July 2019. There will be a public meeting in the Boardroom at The Beauchamp Community, Newland on Thursday 6th June 2019, starting at 6:30pm, which will include a presentation of the review with an opportunity to ask questions. The consultation documents are available to view below:
Please send any feedback or contributory information to Alternatively please feel free to visit reception at The Council House, Avenue Road, Malvern, WR14 3AF.

Further help and advice

Please email the Conservation Team