Authorities' Monitoring Reports (AMRs)

The purpose of Authorities' Monitoring Reports (AMRs), is to report progress on the local plan against the timetable and milestones set out in the Local Development Scheme (LDS), and to assess the extent to which planning policies are being implemented.

The AMR assesses whether policies are achieving their objectives and whether sustainable development is being delivered; if policies have had their intended consequences; whether policy assumptions and objectives behind policies are still relevant; and if targets set in the plan are being achieved.

Authorities’ Monitoring Report (AMR) 2018

This Authorities’ Monitoring Report (AMR) has been jointly prepared by Malvern Hills District Council, Worcester City Council and Wychavon District Council.

It covers the period 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2018

The report monitors the policies of the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP) which was adopted on 25th February 2016. This is the second AMR which reports against the SWDP. It includes, amongst other things, information on housing completions, and progress on the development of allocated sites. It also monitors progress on associated local development documents e.g. Supplementary Planning Documents; and Neighbourhood Plans. Hard copies, for reference only will be available for viewing at the main local libraries and customer services centres.

Hard copies of Authorities’ Monitoring Report document can be requested by emailing, or by telephoning 01386 565000. Please note there will be a charge of £2.79 + p&p (£1.55 for first class and £1.22 for second class).

The south Worcestershire Councils intend to publish a AMR every year. Please click on the link below to download the South Worcestershire Authorities' Monitoring Report 2018:

South Worcestershire Authorities' Monitoring Report 2018

Changes to the Monitoring Process

The Council previously had a duty to produce and submit Annual Monitoring Reports to the Government.

The Localism Act removed the requirement for local planning authorities to produce an annual monitoring report for Government, while retaining the overall duty to monitor.

On 30th March 2011 government guidance on local plan monitoring was withdrawn.

Certain aspect of monitoring remain legislative requirements whilst others can be determined locally and through the development of local plans.

From the 2011/12 edition, AMRs will be termed 'Authorities' Monitoring Reports'.

The 2010 edition was the first joint Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) prepared for South Worcestershire by the constituent local planning authorities of Malvern Hills District, Worcester City and Wychavon District Council.

Whilst the three South Worcestershire authorities will continue to undertake a joint monitoring approach (see the South Worcestershire Development Plan website for further joint monitoring information), separate AMRs were produced for the 2010/11 monitoring period.

Authority Monitoring Reports cover the period 1st April  - 31st March of each monitoring year.

Malvern Hills District monitoring reports since 2004/05 can be downloaded by following the links below:

Information relating to the monitoring of Housing Land and Employment Land is also available.